Man, I love this Nourishing Traditions cookbook. It has immediately filled my kitchen with little dishes of fermenting stuff in a way that even Wild Fermentation did not. Fallon is pretty big on meat (mmm organs) but i think even hard core vegans could find stuff to take from it, e.g. fermenting fruits and veggies, soaking grains, eating .... Beat until peaks form. Measure 4 tablespoons of arrowroot. Add the arrowroot to the white mixture and beat for a few seconds. Measure two tablespoons of vanilla extract and mix them together with the cup of maple syrup. Slowly beat in the maple syrup and vanilla, about a minute. Add two bags of finely cut dried unsweetened coconut into the egg. Nourishing Traditions is a great place to start in working on improving your diet and your family's diet. It gives you not only the recipes – it gives you to “why” as to why you should be eating good foods. The recipe selection is so extensive that you'll be able to find good recipes for pregnancy – and for your little one as he or she .... "/>Nourishing traditions the